Scholz wants dialogue with Moscow but warns of ‘high price’ for attacking Ukraine,

Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Wednesday Germany was open to “constructive dialogue” with Russia but warned Moscow that any aggression against Ukraine would have “a high price.”

Scholz made the remarks in a speech to the Bundestag — his first since his election as chancellor last week — that set out the plans and priorities of his coalition of Social Democrats, Greens and liberals. The new chancellor said the EU should act with more self-confidence vis-à-vis China and not turn a blind eye to human rights violations. He also vowed to determinedly fight the coronavirus pandemic and to take ambitious measures against climate change.

Scholz expressed concern about the situation at the Russian-Ukrainian border, where Moscow has been amassing thousands of troops that U.S. officials warn could be a preparation for a multi-front offensive against Kyiv.

“Any violation of territorial integrity will come at a price, a high price, and we will speak with one voice here with our European partners and transatlantic allies,” he said, without specifying what those costs would entail. He added, however, that he wants to keep channels of communication open.

“We are ready for constructive dialogue,” the chancellor said. Läs artikel