Northern Fleet first to get storage and maintenance facility for Tsirkon missile,

Thomas Nilsen, editor of the Independent Barents Observer

The Ministry of Defense has already started to build facilities for the Northern Fleet for storing and handling of the navy’s new advanced Tsirkon missile, Izvestia reports on Tuesday.

It is the Northern Fleet’s importance that is the reason for giving priority over the three other fleets; the Baltic, Black Sea and Pacific.

“The choice of the Northern Fleet is not accidental,” says military expert Dmitry Boltenkov to Izvestia. “It plays an important role in the Russian defense doctrine,” he says and points to the Northern Fleet’s tasks of retaliating against a potential aggressor, conducting air-, sea- and submarine operations in the Atlantic, Arctic and other oceans.

Also, the Barents- and White Seas are the waters where the Tsirkon missile is being tested. Läs artikel