Nato-övning med Ukraina,

The Ukrainian military launched Buk-M1 guided air defense missiles during the Joint Efforts 2021 strategic military exercise with participation of NATO countries, Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff announced Monday.

”With the framework of the Joint Efforts 2021 strategic military exercise, Buk-M1 crews of the Shepetovsky missile air defense regiment of the West air command carried out launches at targets, represented by VR-3 Rejs drones. All targets were destroyed,” the General Staff said on its Facebook page.

The Joint Efforts exercise kicked off on September 22 and will end on September 30. It involves up to 12,500 people and over 600 vehicles: up to 85 tanks, up to 420 armored vehicles, up to 50 missile and artillery systems, up to 20 ships, and up to 30 aircraft. The exercise involves servicemen from the UK, Georgia, Italy, Jordan, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, the US, Hungary and Sweden. Läs artikel