Finland, if Nato is the answer, what was the question?

Marco Steinberg

[…] Finland’s media has been afflicted by a similar malaise, operating as an echo-chamber for the political first-day impulse. It has completely failed to do its job as a checking function helping citizens make an informed decision. The few new or opposing perspectives have either been ostracized or paraded as marginal curiosities, as in the recent Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle) article titled “Young pacifists long for an alternative to NATO”. Twenty year old pacifist Vili Nurmi is not alone in thinking that this is the worst public debate he can remember. I wholeheartedly agree with him. I am not anti-NATO, but I am not sure Nato is the right (and only) option, and I am concerned about the rush with which this decision is being ushered. […]

Finland is now gunning for NATO membership, with official government announcements expected throughout this week. But will applying for membership in mid-conflict decrease or increase the likelihood of escalation? What is Finland’s long term security and prosperity vision? Läs artikel