European powers say nearing plan to save Iran nuclear pact,

Western envoys said Britain, Germany and France were nearing a package to put to Donald Trump to try and persuade him to save the Iran nuclear agreement, even as Tehran poured more scorn on the U.S. president, dismissing him as a “tradesman”. […]

Western envoys told Reuters on Wednesday that three months of meetings behind closed doors were culminating in a package of separate measures that could be taken against Iran in the hope they would satisfy Trump while keeping the nuclear deal intact. […]

Unlike Trump – who again condemned the agreement on Tuesday – Britain, France and Germany do not want to renegotiate the complex nuclear accord. Instead they are trying to draw up separate measures agreed between Europe and the United States that aim to address areas not dealt with by the nuclear accord, mainly on Tehran’s support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and to contain Iran’s ballistic missiles programme.

That could include new European Union sanctions on Iran, diplomats told Reuters. Läs artikel