Effective Arms-Control Measures Needed to Block Diversion of Ukraine Weapons, un.org

States must apply effective arms-control measures to prevent the diversion of weapons supplied to Ukraine, a senior United Nations official told the Security Council today, as some Council members defended their decision to continue providing military support to Kyiv while others detailed the danger of doing so. […]

France’s representative, taking a different view, urged those present not to “confuse the attacker and the attacked”, adding that the Russian Federation bears sole responsibility for the deteriorating situation in Ukraine.  […]

Trine Skarboevik Heimerback (Norway), condemning the Russian Federation’s war in the strongest terms, said that her country will continue to stand by Ukraine.  Moscow must abide by international law and stop its war of aggression now.  Massive waves of missile and drone strikes demonstrate the Russian Federation’s disregard for the suffering it is causing to millions of people, she said, adding that children, persons with disabilities and the elderly must be protected.  On the transfer of lethal weapons from Iran by the Russian Federation, she recalled that all States must respect the restrictions set out in resolution 2231 (2015).  […]

Ronaldo Costa Filho (Brazil) said that weapons now being used in Ukraine will possibly, in the future, fuel other conflicts in other parts of the world.  Supplying arms and ammunition to the parties to the conflict in Ukraine might prolong the fighting and create more civilian suffering, but it is also undeniable that a State has a right to self-defence as enshrined in the United Nations Charter.  Such a discussion, however, distracts the Council from its mandate to maintain peace and security, he said, adding that more than nine months into the conflict, it has yet to call upon the parties to resolve their dispute peacefully, as it is supposed to do under Article 33 of the Charter.  Calling for an immediate ceasefire without preconditions, he said that the world is looking to the Council to exercise its responsibility and stop this spiral of violence. […]

Geng Shuang(China) said that over the past 10 months, a large amount of weapons and ammunition have poured into Ukraine, adding:  “Human lives seem so fragile when faced with gun barrels.”  Both sides have suffered losses and trauma, with ordinary people bearing the brunt of the conflict.  Recalling the High Representative’s statement in September about the risk of the potential diversion of weapons, as well as the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) warning in June that weapons destined for Ukraine could end up on the black market and in the hands of criminals, he said that such warnings have unfortunately materialized, with weapons landing in the hands of armed groups and terrorists in the Middle East and Africa.  He called for a cessation of hostilities and emphasized the need for a political solution to end the crisis, rather than flooding the battlefield with weapons and prolonging the conflict.  The international community must support efforts to bring about a peaceful settlement and all parties must exercise restraint and bring about conditions to relaunch negotiations.  The use or threat of use of nuclear weapons must be rejected, he said, adding that efforts must be made to stabilize the global supply chain and preserve the stability of developing countries. Läs mötesprotokollet