China Calls On NATO To Abandon Ideological Bias In Order To Maintain Regional Security,

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that NATO must renounce Cold War mentalities and must renounce ideological preconceptions and do more to ensure world and regional security. In response to Russia’s proposal on security guarantee, it stated, ”as the largest military alliance in the world, NATO must abandon the Cold War mentality and ideological prejudices, make more efforts to maintain international and regional security and stability.”

The ministry further stated that with regard to the proposals on security guarantees for the United States and NATO, made public by the Russian Foreign Ministry, and the impact of the proposals on global strategic stability, China believes that in the current environment, the Russian proposals comply with the basic norms of international relations, and it contributes to increasing mutual trust between countries and it reduces the risk of conflicts and defends global and regional strategic stability, as per the reports of Sputnik. […]

China also vehemently opposes the United States deployment of ground-based medium-range missiles in the Asia-Pacific area and Europe, according to Sputnik. The Chinese Ministry stated that China has often indicated its position on the issue of medium-range missiles and is resolutely opposed to the deployment of medium-range ground-based missiles by the United States in any form in the Asia-Pacific area and Europe. Läs artikel