Biden–Putin Summit Groundbreaking for Arctic Co-operation,

The meeting between the leaders of the two powerful states, the USA and Russia, stands out in most ways from former political summits between the East and the West. […]

In other words, the meeting between Putin and Biden was never the represent an international breakthrough. Nobody planned for it, and nobody expected anything of the kind.

Which is why it borders on remarkable when the two state leaders nevertheless went above and beyond to stress the significance of Arctic cooperation under the umbrella of the Arctic Council. Both Putin and Biden were clear in their desire to preserve the Arctic as a peaceful part of the world, despite disagreements over militarization of the very same region.

A representative for the American administration later described the situation after the summit in the following way:

“We have the same stated objective.  We see what’s going on differently.  We’ll have to see whether there are ways both within the Arctic Council and outside the Arctic Council to work through some of these differences.” Läs artikel