Asian countries have good ties with US, China and other major powers, don’t need Nato-equivalent, Singapore’s PM Lee says,

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has said it is in Asia’s interest to avoid forming a security bloc like Europe’s Nato, noting the region’s history and circumstances make such a military alliance unnecessary.

Lee’s remarks in an interview with Nikkei Asia published on Monday come amid calls from US President Joe Biden for Washington’s partners in the region to shore up cooperation amid escalating rivalry against the world’s “autocracies”. […]

“In Asia, the history is different. There was never a grouping in Asia which was the equivalent of Nato,” Lee said. “And countries in Asia, many of them enjoy good ties with China, as well as with the US and the US’ treaty allies,” he said, naming US treaty allies Japan, South Korea and Australia.
“Many more are not, but are friends of the US, like Singapore – we are a major security cooperation partner. But even many of the allies maintain important relations with China,” said the Singapore prime minister.
He added: “So I think that that is a better configuration than one where countries are divided along a line and one bloc confronts another. Läs intervjun