Afghanistan: Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief,

Martin Griffiths, UN under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief

Afghanistan’s economy is now in free fall, and if we don’t act decisively and with compassion, I fear this fall will pull the entire population with it.

Twenty-three million people are already facing hunger; health facilities are overflowing with malnourished children; some 70 percent of teachers are not getting paid and millions of children – Afghanistan’s future – are out of school. […]

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation is coming together today to express willingness to help avert disaster and contribute to the humanitarian endeavour. The United Nations stands firmly with you, and in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan.

Next year, we will seek funding for our largest-ever appeal of US$4.5 billion to help the most vulnerable in Afghanistan. Our plan is a stopgap measure for over 21 million people who need lifesaving assistance. It must be funded as a matter of priority.

The crisis is huge. Our humanitarian response is effective and continues to scale up, thanks to generous donor support and your sustained engagement. Läs uttalandet