The Use of Force in International Law: A Case-Based Approach,

 Tom Ruys, Olivier Corten, and Alexandra Hofer,
The Use of Force in International Law: A Case-Based Approach . Oxford University Press,2018, 948, xi, pp; index
1. This door stopper of a book, almost a thousand pages long, is a richresource for students and practitioners of the law on the use of force and islikely to remain the standard reference text for examples of state practice in this area of law for years to come. Authored by leading scholars of international law, the book covers most armed conflicts from 1950 to thepresent, including the ongoing conflicts in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen
2. Sixty-six case studies are examined in the book — beginning with theKorean War (1950-53) and ending with the ECOWAS Intervention in TheGambia in 2016. Each chapter concludes with a section titled Precedential Value
. The book is structured in three parts. Part 1 consists of case studiesfrom The Cold War Era (1945-89). Part 2 consists of case studies from ThePost-Cold War Era (1990-2000). Part 3 consists of case studies from The Post 9/11 Era 2001-. Läs presentationen
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