NAM calls for ending unilateral sanctions against other countries,

Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations said in a speech on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement that this movement wants the countries that have imposed unilateral sanctions to end the sanctions immediately. […]

The Security Council’s imposed sanctions still remain an issue of serious concern to the Member Countries of the Non-Aligned Movement. It is the Movement’s view that the imposition of sanctions should be considered as a last resort. Furthermore, targeted sanctions may be imposed only when there exists a threat to international peace and security or an act of aggression, in accordance with the Charter. They are not applicable as a preventive measure in any and all instances of violation of international law, norms or standards.

Sanctions are blunt instruments, the use of which raises fundamental ethical questions as to whether the suffering inflicted on vulnerable groups in the target country is a legitimate means of exerting political pressure. The objectives of sanctions are not to punish or otherwise exact retribution on the populace.

Sanctions regimes should avoid triggering unintended consequences in the target State or third States which may lead to violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms. They should also avoid hindering humanitarian assistance from reaching the civilian population.

In this regard, the objectives of sanctions regimes should be clearly defined based on tenable legal grounds, and their imposition should be for a specified timeframe. […]

The Movement also expresses its deep concern regarding the imposition of laws and other forms of coercive economic measures against developing countries, including unilateral sanctions, which violate the Charter of the United Nations and undermine international law as well as the rules of the World Trade Organization. Furthermore, the Movement calls on countries that have imposed unilateral sanctions to put an end to such sanctions immediately. Läs talet