Could you be sentenced to death in Finland? Questions arose during the statement round of the NATO agreement,

Among other things, Chancellor of Justice Tuomas Pöysti raised the issue of the death penalty in his statement regarding the NATO Sofa Agreement, which is central to NATO membership.

So called The entries in the government’s draft motion regarding the NATO Sofa Agreement regarding the death penalty are inconsistent. It would be desirable to clarify the matter in the bill submitted to the parliament. This is the summary assessment of the Chancellor of Justice Tuomas Pöysti and several other entities that have given their statements of the draft of the government’s presentation regarding the NATO Sofa Agreement.

“It seems that it is not excluded that a foreign – currently an American court – could also sentence a member of its forces to the death penalty on the territory of Finland,” Chancellor of Justice Pöysti says to HS.“This contradicts the constitution and the European Charter of Fundamental Rights,” he reminds.[…]
NATO Sofa concerns the status of the forces of the member states of the military alliance when they operate in the territory of another member state. The Paris Protocol, on the other hand, concerns the status of international military staffs in the territory of another NATO member state.

The problem is that NATO Sofa directly prohibits only the execution of the death penalty in the host country, i.e. in this case Finland. However, it does not directly prohibit sentencing for it in Finland. However, the Finnish constitution and international agreements binding Finland prohibit not only the execution of the death penalty in Finland, but also the sentencing to it in Finland. Läs artikel