US, NATO accuse Russia of ‘provocative’ actions but offer diplomatic dialogue in written replies,

The United States and NATO rebuffed some of Russia’s core demands for security guarantees in their written replies to the Kremlin, accusing Moscow of “provocative activities” including troop and missile deployments, as well as repeated incursions into allied airspace, according to documents obtained by El Pais.

In their respective written replies, which were delivered to the Russian government last week, the Biden administration and NATO proposed an extensive diplomatic dialogue, including a series of “thematic meetings” within the NATO-Russia Council. But the Western powers also demanded that Russia withdraw the military forces and weaponry stoking fears of an imminent attack on the Ukrainian borders with Russia and Belarus.

The two documents accuse Russia of a long pattern of aggressive activity that has undermined the security architecture in Europe — essentially blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for causing the very destabilization and uncertainty that he has tried to blame on the West. Läs artikel och dokumenten