U.S. not seeking to create ’Asian NATO,’ defense secretary says, rfa.org

The U.S. Defense Secretary emphasized partnership as the main priority for the American security strategy in the Indo-Pacific during a keynote speech on Saturday. […]

The U.S. defense secretary spoke at length about his government’s policy towards Taiwan, saying “we’re determined to uphold the status quo that has served this region so well for so long.” While remaining committed to the longstanding one-China policy, the U.S. categorically opposes “any unilateral changes to the status quo from either side.” “We do not support Taiwan independence. And we stand firmly behind the principle that cross-strait differences must be resolved by peaceful means,” Austin said. The U.S. continues assisting Taiwan in maintaining self-defense capability and this week approved the sale of U.S. $120 million in spare parts and technical assistance for the Taiwanese navy. The move was condemned by Beijing. Sr. Col. Tan Kefei, spokesperson for China’s Defense Ministry, said the U.S. arms sales “grossly interfered in China’s internal affairs” and should be immediately revoked. During the bilateral meeting on Friday Chinese defense minister Wei Fenghe also warned his counterpart that the Chinese military will “resolutely crush any ’Taiwan independence’ attempts at all cost.” Läs artikel