The Man in the Middle,

David Warsh, earlier economy reporter for The Boston Globe

You might have thought David Johnson would be famous by now. He started Johnson’s Russia List (JRL) in 1996, three or four days a week compiling a list of articles about Russia, attaching the articles themselves, and sending it all via email to those who asked for it.  After ten months Sarah Koenig wrote up the controversy surrounding the enterprise in The New York Times: On Johnson’s List, Russia Watchers Watch Each Other.

Of the many ventures that have stirred Internet uproar, David Johnson’s Russia list has been one of the most tempestuous …. Since its debut in May, his list’s vitriolic spats over NATO expansion or the shiftiness of Russia’s presidential pretender, Aleksandr I. Lebed, have deeply irritated some of the world’s leading analysts. But they can’t stop reading it. Läs artikel

JRL finns att läsa här.