The Future of the Nato Alliance and U.S. involvement in Europe,

Today, there is a very real prospect of Finland and Sweden joining NATO, and many Americans are asking about NATO’s modern purpose, what the U.S.’s role in the alliance should be, and what actions serve our best interests here at home. […]

American policymakers should not rush to take on permanent new defense obligations to countries that have remained free and prosperous for decades without U.S. guarantees. In a region where wealthy allies can play a greater role, the Finland and Sweden NATO debate should be an opportunity for the U.S. to insist on a re-imagining of its own role in the alliance as it attends to America’s greater strategic needs in the Pacific. At the NATO Madrid summit in June, the U.S. should call on Europe to mature its own security pacts like the EU’s CSDP and regional alliances like the Nordic Defence Cooperation organization to deliver on security needs that Europe is capable of providing for itself. Läs artikel