The Arctic Challenge Exercise 2019 is underway,

For over a week now, foreign units have been in place in Lulea, Orland, Bodo, Rovaniemi, Jokkmokk, Hakkas and Gallivare to carry out the final preparations for the start of the exercise. […]

The multinational air training exercise, Arctic Challenge Exercise 2019, ACE 19, is being conducted in northern Sweden, Norway and Finland from 22 May to 4 June. This year, Sweden is exercise leader with the responsibility for the exercise, which is being conducted for the fourth time within the framework of the Nordic cooperation and the Cross Border agreement between the countries. The exercise is a further development of air training exercises conducted in previous years, and is planned to take place every other year. This year, more than 140 aircraft are taking part, including tanker aircraft and air command aircraft from nine different countries.  […]

Parts of the US and British units have had advance forces at Lulea Kallax airport for just over a week now to set everything up before the fighter aircraft and other personnel were in place. The US F-16 planes from the South Carolina National Guard landed on 16 May, and the British Typhoon planes from Royal Air Force Lossiemouth, Scotland, landed on 20 May.[…]

In addition to the threat from the airborne opponents, there are also advanced threats on the ground in the form of Norwegian, German and US air defence units grouped around northern Sweden. A Dutch unit is stationed at Lulea Kallax airport with Link 16 – a tactical data link that makes it possible to communicate encrypted information in real time in the form of images, voice communication, navigation data and more between different combat forces. Läs pressmeddelande