Steinmeier pays tribute to Brandt’s importance for relations with Finland,

During a joint visit to the Willy Brandt Forum in Unkel (Neuwied district), Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Finnish President Sauli Niinistö emphasized the importance of Brandt for the relationship between the two countries. Steinmeier said on Thursday that Brandt’s policies had made it possible for Germany and the GDR to become members of the United Nations. ”With the integration of the former GDR and the Federal Republic of Germany into the United Nations, it was formally possible for Finland to establish and initiate diplomatic relations. Therefore, this is a very important place for German-Finnish relations.”

”This is what we have been celebrating for 50 years now,” added Niinistö. Willy Brandt was a friend of Finland. The Finnish President’s visit is intended to honor the close partnership between Germany and Finland. The two countries established diplomatic relations 50 years ago as a result of Willy Brandt’s then new German Ostpolitik. Läs artikel