Russia deploys missile system 70 km from Norway’s Vardø radar,

It is the press service of the Russian Northern Fleet that Wednesday evening informsabout the movement of the Bal (NATO name SSC-3 or Styx) coastal missile system from its permanent deployment location out to the Sredny Peninsula on the coast to the Barents Sea.

Sredny Peninsula is the smaller peninsula between the Pechenga Bay and Rybachny (Fisher) Peninsula, a northwestern appendix to the Kola Peninsula. On blue-sky days, the coast of the Sredny Peninsula is visible from Vardø, the Norwegian town known for housing the Globus radar system operated by the country’s intelligence service. The radars has long been a thorn in the side of Russia’s security relations to Norway.

In May, spokeswoman Maria Zakharova with the Foreign Ministry in Moscow said straight forward that Russia would take counter measures as a new and more modern radar currently is under construction in Vardø. Läs artikel