Referat från mötet den 14 juni på Harpsund mellan Jens Stoltenberg och Magdalena Andersson,

[…] Question: Johannes Ledel, AFP. I have a question. One question each for you. Prime Minister Andersson, I was wondering out of the sort of concrete demands that have been circulated from Turkey such as extraditions, are there any of those demands that we’ve seen that Sweden is willing to agree to? And I was also wondering Mr. Stoltenberg, if you can, maybe as, if Sweden and Turkey would not be able to reach an agreement on these demands, what can NATO and other NATO members offer Turkey as recompense?

Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson:

We take the Turkish concerns very seriously and other issues and not at least there’s security concerns when it comes to the fight against terrorism. And we have a bilateral and trilateral dialogue with Turkey ongoing right now and we will of course, very clearly, state how we are working against terrorism and how we are fighting against terrorists. We have, we have changed our laws during the last years and have a much stronger legislation against in the fight against terrorists than we had before. And also during my years as Minister of Finance, we have a much stricter regulation when it comes to financing of terrorism. And we will also the first of July have even stronger legislation when it comes to the fight against terrorism. So here there are no questions about how strongly Sweden sees on terrorism and that we are willing to contribute to the fight, fight against terrorism. When it comes to the question of arms export. If you listen to the declaration that the Foreign Minister had last week in Parliament, you can also see that as a member of NATO, the current legislation we have might be viewed, might make the decisions that independent agency, might view it differently. Läs referatet från mötet