Questions and Answers: New Action Plan on Military Mobility,

[…] What is the added value of the Action Plan on Military Mobility 2.0?

The Action Plan aims to ensure the swift and seamless movement of military troops and their equipment – at short notice and at large scale – enabling them to react quickly to emerging threats at our external borders and beyond.

It broadens the scope of Military Mobility and defines new areas for further actions, addressing the threats and challenges stemming from the new security environment after Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. […]

A Structured Dialogue between EU and NATO staff on military mobility is already in place to ensure a coherent approach and synergies between the EU and NATO. The new Action Plan will further strengthen and intensify EU-NATO cooperation on military mobility. For instance, we will work closely with NATO on the fuel supply chain requirements for military transport.

Cooperation is based on the principles of openness, transparency, reciprocity, and inclusiveness. It will ensure a stronger and more credible European pillar in NATO. Läs artikel