On Putin-Biden agenda: the Northern Sea Route, thebarentsobserver.com

“Yes, this issue was discussed in a wide format and a pretty detailed way, Vladimir Putin told the press after his meeting with Joe Biden.

“It is a very important, interesting topic in the sense that the development of the Arctic in general and the Northern Sea Route in specific is of huge interest for the economy of many countries, including countries from outside the region,” he underlined in a press conference held after the bilateral talks.

The Russian president rebuffed all allegations that Russia is militarizing the Arctic with its major investments in new and upgraded military infrastructure. […]

The key role of the Arctic in the Geneva meeting is confirmed also by the American side. In a press briefing ahead of his departure from Geneva, President Joe Biden underlined that the two leaders had talked about “how we can ensure the Arctic remains a region of cooperation rather than conflict.”

Biden also mentioned “the need for us to be able to have some kind of modus operandi where we dealt with making sure the Arctic was, in fact, a free zone.” Läs artikel