New US Sanctions Target Russia’s Arctic LNG 2 – “Our Objective is to Kill that Project”,

In a new sanctions package the US targets Russia’s Arctic LNG 2 facility with the explicit goal of shutting down the project. As part of congressional testimony, US officials said their aim is to “systematically reduce Russia’s future energy revenue.” It is unclear if or to what degree existing European and Japanese partners in the project will comply with the new sanctions.

Following the latest sanctions, the US now has blocking measures in place against Russian natural gas producer Novatek, two transshipment barges of liquefied natural gas (LNG) located near Murmansk and Kamchatka, and Arctic LNG 2, as well as several partners in Russia and abroad e.g. in the United Arab Emirates.

During congressional testimony last week Assistant Secretary for Energy Resources Geoffrey Pyatt laid out the US’ strategy to “systematically reduce Russia’s future energy revenue.” Läs artikel