It’s Time to Get out of Syria,

Lora Karch Dulgarian

The United States military presence in Syria has placed our troops in the middle of rising tensions between local adversaries while also sitting in the crossfire of multiple escalating regional conflicts. The argument for leaving Syria becomes clear once adversarial drivers and America’s questionable interests are broadly examined.

As the Russia-Ukraine War continues with no end in sight, Moscow has for eight years sent extensive resources and manpower to Damascus. Russian president Vladimir Putin has aided Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in eliminating his regime’s opponents. Putin sent troops to Syria and began airstrikes in 2015 to combat ISIS at Assad’s request. Still, since the Ukrainian war and American deployment on Syrian soil, Russia must divert hard power back to its own frontlines. […]

Washington has differentiated its relationship with the Kurds through the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The United States partnered with the SDF in 2014, and their ties persisted beyond the threat of the Islamic State in Northeastern Syria. […]

What is the United States doing in Syria? U.S. forces are currently stationed in northeastern Syria under Operation Inherent Resolve to complete the lasting fight against ISIS, according to a U.S. Central Command statement last year. […]

America’s leaders should recognize that there are several major intra-group conflicts occurring in Syria, including those between:

1) the Assad government, Russia, Iran, and Iranian-backed Shia Groups vs. various Syrian opposition forces (including HTS and other Turkish-backed groups)

2) the United States, SDF, Iran, Russia, and the Assad government vs. ISIS

3) Turkey vs. the PKK

4) Turkey vs. the SDF (and the United States indirectly)

5) Israel and the United States vs. Iran, Iranian-backed Shia-militant groups, and the Assad government

6) the Assad government, Russia, and Iran vs. the Revolutionary Commando Army and the United States (at the “Al-Tanf Garrison”)

7) the United States vs. Russia (a generally cold conflict, despite occasional fighting between the U.S. military and the Russian Wagner Group) Läs artikel