NATO strengthens nuclear deterrence – Finland is still thinking about the level of its ambition in the alliance’s nuclear weapons policy, is-fi.

Jouko Juonala

Dutch F-35A fighters stationed at Volkel Air Base have been adapted to carry and launch US B61 nuclear bombs, Dutch Air Force Combat Aviation Commander Johan van Deventer said on message service X.

The announcement of the Netherlands’ preliminary operational capability with nuclear weapons was expected. The Netherlands has long taken part in NATO’s nuclear deterrence burden sharing. The type of plane capable of carrying nuclear bombs is just being replaced by a new one – the Netherlands is deploying new F-35A stealth fighters and handing over part of its aging F-16 planes to Ukraine.

Like the Netherlands, Finland is a small NATO country. Unlike the Netherlands, Finland is still looking for its role in NATO’s nuclear weapons policy and deterrence.

There are no reservations. The government has announced that Finland will take part in the work of NATO’s nuclear deterrence planning group NPG and may also participate in NATO’s nuclear weapons exercises.
Finding your place in the nuclear weapons alliance is not easy. The area is completely new for Finland, which has traditionally supported arms control, arms restrictions and the NPT treaty limiting the spread of nuclear weapons in its foreign and security policy. Security has been sought in pursuit of a world where the number of nuclear weapons decreases. […]