NATO nuclear drills where B-52s fly over Europe likely to overlap with Russian nuclear exercises,

Russian military forces are expected to continue with pre-planned nuclear testing at the same time as similar NATO drills are expected.

NATO announced Friday the launch of its annual ”Steadfast Noon” exercise Monday. The drill involving 14 countries is expected to mobilize about 60 aircraft in regions near the United Kingdom, Belgium and the North Sea. NATO does not plan to use live bombs.

”The exercise, which runs until (Oct. 30), is a routine, recurring training activity, and it is not linked to any current world events,” NATO said of the exercises.

The aircraft include fighter jets, surveillance and tanker aircraft and U.S. B-52 long-range bombers, NATO said. Russia is also expected to move forward with pre-planned nuclear testing this month, annual nuclear drills often called ”Grom” that normally take place in late October. Läs artikel