Macron om Mali: Press conference by the President of the French Republic prior to the G7 and NATO Summit, diplomatie.gouv.frs,

[…] That is why, following consultations we will hold with our partners, particularly our American partners who have played an essential role from the beginning, for which I would like to thank them, and our European partners, who also stand with us, particularly within the EUTM, we will undertake a profound transformation of our military presence in the Sahel, the terms and schedule of which will be set out in the coming weeks, by the end of June. I will initiate this work in the coming days. This transformation will mean a change in model. It will involve moving to a new framework: the end of Operation Barkhane as an overseas operation, replaced by an operation to provide support and cooperation to the armed forces of regional countries which so wish, and the implementation of a military operation and international alliance involving regional States and all our partners, with a strict focus on fighting terrorism. This new framework will preserve our commitments to the partners engaged alongside us in the Takuba Task Force and in the EUTM, which will continue building up. The EUTM will be an aspect of the training of all partner armed forces, and Takuba will be the pillar of this counter-terrorism force. The French armed forces will of course be the backbone, but they will work alongside the special forces from partner regional States that wish to and can participate, and of course by the special forces of our European partners. Many of them are already engaged alongside us in this framework. We are going to work on these shifts in the coming weeks, and they will be presented in the Coalition for the Sahel framework, which we established at the N’Djamena Summit, which will be meeting very soon. I will be presenting these changes at the end of June. That is what I wanted to share with you now. I will now take all your questions. Läs talet