Lula inaugurated, emphasizes sovereignty in Brazil’s future course,

Andre Pagliarini , assistant professor of history at Hampden-Sydney College in central Virginia

The new president is clear that he’s willing to work with the United States, but his country will do it’s own bidding in international relations. […]

He went on to make a broader case for Brazil’s independence on the world stage, with a distinctive international profile that does not fit neatly in the category of pro- or anti-United States. […]

“Brazil has to be its own master,” he stated, “the master of its destiny. It has to go back to being a sovereign country. We are responsible for most of the Amazon and for vast biomes, large aquifers, mineral deposits, oil and clean energy sources. With sovereignty and responsibility, we will be respected to share this greatness with humanity—in solidarity, never with subordination.” [… ]

“Our leadership will materialize through the resumption of South American integration, from Mercosur, the revitalization of Unasur and other instances of sovereign articulation in the region,” he declared. “On this basis we will be able to rebuild the proud and active dialogue with the United States, the European Community, China, the countries of the East and other global actors; strengthening the BRICS, cooperation with African countries and breaking the isolation to which the country was relegated.”Läs artikel