Foreign troops shouldn’t come and go willfully in Afghanistan: Chinese Ambassador,

The Afghan peace process should continue to be “Afghan-led, Afghan-owned” and the international community should help Afghanistan achieve security and stability as soon as possible, said Ambassador Zhang Jun, China’s permanent representative to the United Nations, at the Security Council teleconferencing in connection with the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) on March 23.

Regarding the current security situation in Afghanistan, the Chinese ambassador said that the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan is at a critical juncture. Achieving lasting peace in Afghanistan through political means is the only right way and the common goal of all parties. China has always maintained that the Afghan peace and reconciliation process must adhere to the Afghan-led and Afghan-owned principle. The future of Afghanistan should be in the hands of the Afghan people themselves. The country’s future political arrangement should be decided independently by the Afghans, and no solutions should be imposed from the outside. […]

Consideration should be given to the impact of the withdrawal of foreign forces on peace and security in Afghanistan. Foreign troops cannot come and leave as they wish. Withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan should be orderly and responsible for avoiding leaving a security vacuum that will undermine the security and stability of Afghanistan and other countries in the region, said Zhang. Läs artikel