Canada loses out to Ireland and Norway in Security Council vote,

Canada has lost its latest bid for a seat on the United Nations Security Council despite an expensive and star-studded campaign.

It lost out to Ireland and Norway for the two ”Western bloc” seats

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invested heavily in the campaign, employed 13 full-time staff and invited diplomats to a Celine Dion concert in New York. Meanwhile, Ireland wheeled out U2 for a similar show but spent around half as much on its campaign. Canada said it shelled out roughly $1.74m (£1.37m). As of late last year, Ireland spent a reported $800,000 and Norway $2.8m. […]

Norway secured 130 votes, while Ireland got 128 and Canada managed just 108. India ran unopposed to win in the Asia-Pacific region, while Mexico also ran unopposed. Läs  artikel