Xi Jinping: Put China-U.S. relationship on the right course and bring it back to the track of healthy and stable growth, fmprc.gov.cn

On the afternoon of 14 November local time, President Xi Jinping had a meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden in Bali, Indonesia.

President Xi pointed out that from the initial contact and the establishment of diplomatic relations to today, China and the United States have gone through 50-plus eventful years, with gains and losses as well as experience and lessons. History is the best textbook. We should take it as a mirror and let it guide the future. Currently, the state of China-U.S. relations is not in the fundamental interests of our two countries and peoples. It is not what the international community expects from us either. As leaders of two major countries, we need to play the leadership role, set the right course for the China-U.S. relationship and put it on an upward trajectory. A statesman should think about and know where to lead his country. He should also think about and know how to get along with other countries and the wider world. Läs artikel