Western Sanctions Delay Opening of Arctic LNG 2 Project by One Year, highnorthnews.com

Russia’s largest privately-owned natural gas producer Novatek announced that it will not be able to complete the first stage of its flagship liquefied natural gas project (LNG) in the Arctic before the end of 2023 at the earliest.

Originally the company had planned to move the gravity-based floating foundations into place in summer 2022 and begin production of LNG in early 2023.

However, at an industry conference in Vladivostok this week Novatek’s deputy chairman Yevgeny Ambrosov announced that the foundations, which are prefabricated at a construction yard near Murmansk, will not be ready to be towed to the site of Arctic LNG 2 on the Gydan Peninsula until at least August 2023. […]

A number of western partners, including France’s Total, Germany’s Linde and Siemens and Japan’s Mitsui, who provided both technical knowhow and services as well as financing have exited the project over the past six months. In addition, a number of specialized ice-capable LNG carriers under construction in South Korea by Daewoo Heavy Industries were also canceled. Läs artikel