War games in boreal forest spotlights changing security architecture of the North, thebarentsobserver.com

Vladimir Putin said he wanted a stop to the expansion of NATO, but with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, one can now witness a stronger military cohesion between U.S. and European allies. So also in the North where the traditionally non-aligned countries Sweden and Finland are inviting for increased international exercise volume with key partners in the transition period to membership this summer and autumn.

Ryske (Finnish for “crash through”) is the largest army exercise north of the Arctic Circle. It takes place deep in the boreal forest between Sodankylä and Kemijärvi, some 90 km from the Russian border. Alakurtti, home to one of Russia’s two Arctic brigades, is about 145 km east of the training ground where U.S., Finnish and Norwegian troopers now are exercising. […]

“We train with key partner nations in order to build technical and procedural interoperability,” said Commander of the Guard Jaeger Regiment, Colonel Jukka Kotilehto.

“The objective is to enhance U.S. and Finnish land units’ capabilities to operate in Arctic environment,” he added. Läs artikel