US Coast Guard Icebreaker Sails in Proximity to Russia’s Northern Sea Route,

A US science mission has taken Coast Guard icebreaker Healy into the East Siberian Sea in proximity to cargo vessels transiting Russia’s Arctic waters. Automatic Identification System data suggest the vessel has entered what Russia considers the waters of its Northern Sea Route, though experts caution that it is too early to draw conclusions. […]

Russia has established regulatory control over the route requiring ships planning to use the route to apply and receive permits to enter its waters. It also specifies ice-class requirements depending on sea ice conditions and navigation season.

Icebreakers conducting scientific missions from other nations, such as China and Germany, have routinely followed Russia’s established procedures and applied for NSR permits. China’s Xue Long conducted a transit in 2017 followed by Germany’s Polarstern in 2019. Läs artikel