Turks are coming to Russia’s rescue in large Arctic LNG project, thebarentsobserver.com

Big western companies are pulling out of Novatek’s grand Arctic LNG 2 project. Turkish companies, among them Karpowership, appear ready to take their place.

Novatek’s large liquified natural gas projects in the area all heavily depend on Western technology, and a full halt in developments now threaten the latest project, the Arctic LNG 2. Novatek will not be able to complete the project as planned following the exit of Baker Hughes, as well as Saipem and Technip. But help might be on its way from Putin-friendly Turkey.

Karpowership, the Turkish manufacturer of so-called powerships, is reported to be in talks with Novatek over the construction of a 300-400 MW floating power station that can provide the first of the project’s three trains with energy.

According to Kommersant, Novatek has little choice but to contract the Turkish company. There are simply no other available options in the market. Läs artikel