Three New Books by Former Soldiers That the US Military Doesn’t Want You to Read,

Steve Early and Suzanne Gordon, coauthors of the new book Our Veterans: Winners, Losers, Friends, and Enemies on the New Terrain of Veterans Affairs,

Review of Un-American: A Soldier’s Reckoning of Our Longest War, by Erik Edstrom (Bloomsbury, 2020); Pain Is Weakness Leaving the Body: A Marine’s Unbecoming, by Lyle Jeremy Rubin (Bold Type Books, 2022); and Paths of Dissent: Soldiers Speak Out Against America’s Misguided Wars, edited by Andrew Bacevich and Daniel A. Sjursen (Metropolitan Books, 2023) […]

As the reality of simultaneous interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan began to sink in, many participants — like Vietnam veterans before them — became angry, embittered, and disillusioned. Some of them have turned to memoir-writing that debunks the whole costly and disastrous $8 trillion project known as the “global war on terror.” Three excellent new book-length reflections on military training, socialization, and combat duty in the Middle East definitely won’t end up on the reading lists of college-level or junior ROTC programs, or even the US service academies. Läs presentationerna