Stoltenberg highlights importance of nuclear weapons for NATO,

A strategy for the joint use of nuclear weapons is the best guarantee of security, said NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.  Germany plans to purchase F-18 fighter jets in the US, which will be used as part of this strategy, Deutsche Welle reported.

In a discussion around Germany’s procurement of new US warplanes, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg highlighted the importance of a joint nuclear weapons strategy.

This strategy is the best guarantee of security, this is NATO’s nuclear deterrence, he told DPA on Tuesday. […]

A nuclear weapons sharing strategy brings together some partners, he said referring to the actions in the nuclear field, in which some partners provide aircraft, logistics, and support, while others provide weapons systems. All this together provides NATO with nuclear deterrence, he added welcoming in this regard the German intention to purchase new fighters from the US. […]

During the Cold War, the US deployed a significant number of nuclear warheads in Western Europe. After 1991, most of them were taken out, but about 150 bombs remain on the continent and are stored in various countries, including Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and Turkey.

The base of the 33rd tactical squadron of the German Air Force is located in Büchel in western Germany. If necessary, German pilots on Tornado aircraft could deliver American bombs to the target. This strategy for sharing nuclear weapons is part of the NATO program, which includes Germany and the US. Läs artikel