Russia Adopts Updated Maritime Doctrine; Lists U.S., NATO As Primary Threats,

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree approving an updated maritime doctrine that outlines the country’s coastal borders and lists NATO and the United States as Russia’s main threats.

The decree, signed during Navy Day celebrations in St. Petersburg on July 31, goes into effect immediately.

The doctrine cited the activities and potential growth of the Western NATO military alliance, the United States’ alleged desire to dominate the seas, and alleged claims on Russia’s territory by a number of foreign states as the primary threats to the country’s security.

It also said that Moscow aims to boost its exploration and mineral exploitation of the Arctic, and to increase the potential of Russia’s northern and Pacific fleets. It singled out the strategic importance of Russia’s recent efforts to develop its 5,600-kilometer Northern Sea Route — which allows container ships and other large vessels to travel along Russia’s Arctic coast from Novaya Zemlya to the Bering Strait — safe and competitive and free of ice year-round. Läs artikel