Remarks by Ambassador Zhang Jun at the UN Security Council Briefing on Ukraine,

[…] Like all peace-loving countries and people around the world, China pays close attention to NATO strategic adjustment, and is deeply concerned about the policy implications of the so-called “Strategic Concept”. Certain NOTO leaders lately painted other countries as a threat. But the fact is it’s NATO itself that has made troubles in different parts of the world. We urge NATO to learn its lessons, and not to use Ukraine crisis as excuse to stoke worldwide bloc confrontation or a new Cold War, and not to look for imaginary enemies in the Asia Pacific or artificially create contradictions and divisions.

We firmly oppose certain elements clamoring for NATO’s involvement in the Asia Pacific, or an Asia Pacific version of NATO on the back of military alliances. The long-outdated Cold War script must never be reenacted in the Asia Pacific. The kind of turmoil and conflict that are affecting parts of the world must not be allowed to happen in the Asia Pacific. Asia Pacific countries share the appreciation for the hard-won peace and prosperity, and the wish to focus on mutually beneficial cooperation in pursuit of common development and revitalization. Any attempt to go against the tide of history is doomed to fail. Läs talet

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