North Kosovo: Shots fired near NATO patrol amid tensions,

Gunshots were fired in an area in northern Kosovo where NATO troops were patrolling on Sunday, officials with the trans-Atlantic military alliance said.

While no injuries were reported, the incident comes at a time of heightened ethnic tensions in the region between local Serbs and Kosovar authorities. The spat initially began over Kosovo banning Serbian license plates.

NATO’s mission in Kosovo, KFOR, confirmed that shots were fired in the area of Zubin Potok, close to the border with Serbia.

KFOR said in a statement that the NATO patrol vehicle was undamaged and there were no injuries. Further details on the shooting were unclear. NATO did not comment on where the shots came from. NATO has bolstered its presence in northern Kosovo to maintain the fragile peace, with over 3,700 troops in the country.

Earlier on Sunday, some Serbian media reported that ”fighting” had broken out after Kosovar authorities attempted to dismantle a barricade erected by local Serbs. Läs artikel