Nordics Should Consider Joint Air Control in Far North, Finnish Parliament Speaker Says,

Finland, Sweden and Norway should consider organising their air defence control jointly in territories north of the Arctic Circle in coming years, the speaker of the Finnish parliament said on Monday.

If Finland and neighbouring Sweden’s applications for membership in the Western military alliance NATO are successful, the Nordics could for the first time consider organising parts of their defence jointly with their common neighbour Norway which is already a NATO member.

”We all three – Sweden, Norway and Finland – have relatively strong airforces and we have to control our borders and airspace,” said Matti Vanhanen, discussing NATO and security policy with Norway’s Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere at an event organised by Finland’s President Sauli Niinisto at his summer residence in Naantali, Finland.

”It would be most natural that in the coming years the controlling of the airspace would be common,” said Vanhanen, a former Finnish prime minister.Läs artikel