Leading political scientists call for ceasefire in Gaza, responsiblestatecraft.org

More than 1200 political scientists, including some of the field’s most prominent voices, are calling on President Joe Biden and other U.S. politicians to push for an “immediate ceasefire” in Gaza and an end to the Israeli blockade of the besieged strip.

“Only immediate ceasefire and provision of aid are adequate to prevent enormous further loss of civilian life,” they argued in an open letter, noting that the conflict risks sparking a wider war in the region. “Continuation of the conflict also endangers the hostages whose safe return depends on a deescalation of hostilities.”

“As Israel’s longtime patron and chief ally, the United States has both a special responsibility for this crisis and a special influence upon it,” the letter continues. “The U.S. response to the Gaza war thus far has badly damaged its credibility and moral authority, giving rise to reasonable suspicions of U.S. proclamations about a ‘rules-based international order.’” Läs artikel