“Gaza has the same place in our hearts as Karabakh”, tccb.gov.tr

[…] “From Turkestan to Afghanistan, from the Balkans to Africa, wherever there is someone with a broken heart and with tears, Türkiye’s helping hand reaches there. Just as we see the suffering of the innocents in Palestine as our own suffering, we see the suffering of our Uygur brethren as well as of the Meskhetian Turks, Crimean Tatars and Kirkuk Turkmens as our own suffering. We closely engage with all of them without any discrimination. Anyone who blames Türkiye for turning its back on the problems of its kinsmen is either witless, ignorant, or a member engaging in fifth column activities on behalf of foreign powers”, said the President, underscoring that Türkiye will always continue to stand with its brothers and sisters in the future as well. […]

“If we do not react to what is unfolding in Gaza, we cannot prevent the occupying fanaticism, the so-called promised land, from extending to our own lands tomorrow,” underlined the President.

“That is why we say that any incident taking place around us, from the Balkans to the Caucasus, from the Black Sea to the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean, are of direct concern to us. Gaza has the same place in our hearts as Karabakh. Just as we do not discriminate between Bosnia and Aleppo, or Tripoli and Balkh, or Thessaloniki and Mosul, so we consider Al Quds and our own ancient cities to be the same,” said President Erdoğan, and added: “Thank Allah, our nation has this vision and is aware of the facts.” Läs artikel