EU says Russia can transit sanctioned goods to Kaliningrad by rail,

The European Commission said Russia can continue rail — but not road — transit of sanctioned goods to Kaliningrad as long as they don’t serve military purpose. […]

”This guidance confirms that the transit of sanctioned goods by road with Russian operators is not allowed under the EU measures. No such similar prohibition exists for rail transport,” the statement said.

The European Commission added, ”Member States are responsible for the implementation of sanctions. To ensure that they are implemented as effectively and consistently as possible, the Commission provides regular administrative guidance.” […]

The Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that it would adhere to the advice given by the European Commission. The statement noted that earlier policies blocking sanctioned goods were ”more acceptable.” ”Kaliningrad transit rules may create an unjustified impression that the transatlantic community is softening its position and sanctions policy towards Russia,” Vilnius said. Läs artikel