British aircraft carrier visits remote island in Norwegian Arctic,

NATO naval presence in the North Atlantic remains high after a series of exercises in Norway and Iceland. This week, Britain’s biggest warship made a stopover at Jan Mayen, the Norwegian outpost with 20 people working for the Meteorological Institute and the Armed Forces. […]

The ”HMS Prince of Wales” made a rare visit to Jan Mayen before sailing deeper into the Arctic for harsh cold climate operations.

In 2020, a U.S. Air Force team’s visit to Jan Mayen made headlines. The American military specialists came to the island to inspect the runway to assess whether larger U.S. Air Force transport planes could land there or not. Located centrally between Iceland, Greenland, northern Norway and Svalbard, Jan Mayen holds an important position for planes operating in the North Atlantic in a conflict scenario involving Russia’s Northern Fleet.

For Russia, access to the deeper Norwegian Sea from the shallow Barents Sea is considered strategically important in the so-called bastion defense concept, aimed at protecting the country’s fleet of nuclear ballistic missile submarines. Läs artikel