Akar clashes with Greek MPs at NATO meeting, ekathimerini.com

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar and Greek MPs engaged in an intense confrontation in Istanbul on Tuesday during the joint meeting of the Political Committee of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA) and the Mediterranean and Middle East Special Group.

The acrimonious exchanges erupted when MPs Spilios Livanos, Manousos Voloudakis, Theodora Tzakri and Andrea Loverdos reacted after Akar reiterated Turkey’s demand for Greece to demilitarize its islands, questioning their sovereignty as well as airspace and sea zones.

Livanos asked him, “How is it possible for Turkey on the one hand to invoke the NATO Alliance and on the other to threaten Greece with a casus belli?” He also stressed that Turkey speaks about sovereignty of states, “while it is the one that has invaded Cyprus.” Läs artikel