A lonely politician from the Russian North speaks up against war, thebarentsobserver.com

Viktor Vorobyev has been arrested for his participation in an anti-war rally and repeatedly bashed Putin’s regional establishment. In May, the member of the State Council in the Komi Republic became the first Russian regional legislator to be put on the country’s list of so-called Foreign Agents.

“This is an unjust and immoral war that will bring Russia and Ukraine nothing but blood, tears and poverty,” Vorobyev underlined in an address recorded only few days after the massive Russian onslaught on the neighbouring country.

“There can be found no justification for this war in international law, and the Russian political and military leadership’s violation of the UN Charter is evident for the whole Free World,” he stressed, and added that he “without conditions condemns the attack on Ukraine and calls for immediate end to war actions.” Läs artikel