2015 Nuclear Deal at Critical Juncture, Briefers Tell Security Council, Urging United States, Iran to Not Lose Momentum from Recent Talks, un.org

Negotiations to revive the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action between the United States and Iran are at a critical juncture, briefers told the Security Council today, stressing that the momentum of recent days on that landmark achievement in nuclear non-proliferation must not be lost.

Rosemary DiCarlo, Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs, noted diplomatic engagements in and around the Joint Commission to restore the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action resumed in November 2021.  Achieving the Plan of Action took determined diplomacy, and restoring it will require additional effort and patience, she said, urging Iran and the United States to quickly mobilize in that spirit and commitment.  She appealed to the United States to lift or waive its sanctions as outlined in the Plan and called on Iran to reverse the steps it has taken that are not consistent with its nuclear‑related commitments. […]

Björn Olof Skoog, Permanent Observer for the European Union, in its capacity as observer, speaking on behalf of Josep Borrell, Coordinator of the Joint Commission of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, said that, since the last report on the implementation of resolution 2231 (2015) in December 2021, all Plan of Action participants and the United States continued their intense negotiations in Vienna to restore the Plan.  Those negotiations have been challenging in terms of overcoming the trust deficit following previous actions by both parties.  However, a promising and detailed text was produced by March.

Nonetheless, he voiced grave concern over Iran’s continued accumulation of enriched uranium and the installation of advanced centrifuges and its removal of IAEA cameras from key nuclear facilities, which have substantially decreased the Agency’s access to relevant information on the nuclear programme.  Voicing regret about the re-imposition of previously lifted United States unilateral sanctions, he said restoration of the Plan of Action is the only way for Iran to reap the full benefits of the Plan and reach its full economic potential.  Calling for the necessary political will restore the Plan of Action on the basis of the text that is on the table, he urged all Member States to refrain from actions and statements that increase regional and international tensions. Läs referat från mötet