Why Biden’s new Russian sanctions are shortsighted, and dangerous, responsiblestatecraft.org

Anatol Lieven, professor in Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Qatar

[…] Biden has stated that the new sanctions against Russia announced today have been imposed for three reasons  — and all three of them are wrong.

The Solarwinds hack (which it does seem was most probably the work of Russia) is widely described as an “attack.” It wasn’t. No U.S. institutions or infrastructure were attacked. It was an espionage operation in cyberspace, of a kind that the United States has openly acknowledged carrying out against Russia and other states. All major states conduct this kind of espionage, and it has never previously been made a cause of sanctions. The Biden administration is therefore introducing a new and very dangerous factor into international relations. Moreover, America’s ally Israel has just carried out an open act of cyber-sabotage against Iran in a transparent effort to destroy U.S. talks with Iran  — without a word of Washington condemnation in response. Is this what a “ruled-based international order” looks like? Läs artikel